Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021


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Blogger & Digital Marketer – Story Behind

I am Raj! A Freelance Digital Marketer, blogger & SEO Consultant from Hyderabad with 8 Years of Experience in handling startups & Social Media Marketing.

My Journey.

June 1, 2020, was the day when the Indian Government Announced Unlock 2 throughout India which was under lockdown from March 22nd, 2020 due to Pandemic Covid-19. I promised myself to contribute to the people & techies, about trends in Digital Marketing after the corona lockdown. Following rules of government kept me safe & healthy at home for 3 months of strict lockdown which made my mind start a blog. 8 years of experience in digital marketing & SEO started my research and exploring many questions like “who can be a blogger? How to write a Blog Post? Can we really make money through blogging? What niche to be selected to start the blog? Referring to many top blogs and bloggers & YouTube videos on blogs finally decided to start a blog with the name “My Wall Post”, thus I started my journey as a blogger & SEO consultant.

How My Education influenced me to become a blogger!

The inspiration behind starting a blog?

I was an average student in my school days but my handwriting was very impressive, clean, and neat, which identified by many friends that proved I am bit creative those days, apart from that many biology subject teachers impressed with my drawings in record books, I recall this now because being creative is one of the major skills required for a blogger in designing a blog.

Diploma in Electronics

Apart from being creative, A Diploma in electronics helped me to develop a passion for Computers and helped me to divert from being an engineer to a graduate in Computer Applications (BCA).

B.C.A [Bachelor of Computer Applications]

3 years of the graduate program helped me learn a few terminologies of IT like programming languages C, C++, Java, HTML, and DHTML. Operating Systems like DOS, Windows & scripting languages like Perl, and many more, but still did not get enough commendable knowledge on IT.

M.B.A[Masters in Marketing]

Study of Same subjects made me bored of studying MCA, This shifted my focus from computers to Management Education (MBA- Marketing from OU, Hyd) to settle myself in any of the jobs after completion.

Life after Education?

My life after education was miserable, due to my unrelated educational background, could not justify many companies with their questions regarding my career, their question was “where you want to be in the next 5 years? Do you want to become an IT professional, Marketing Professional, or Technical Professional; I was clueless about my career. but again tried to learn few ERP Packages to make my career as an IT Professional, but this time also I have failed and unsuccessful. Back in 2012 come across SEO Concepts then started exploring the options in digital marketing and career options this time I am successful about my career path and learning Internet Marketing helped me to promote a My Self designed the first website, which is into training niche, Which helped me to choose my right career path & goal.

Digital Marketing Specialist.

My financial UN Stability forced me to do a job at one of my close friend overseas education consultancy as a Digital Marketing Specialist, for a duration of 18 Months, this helped me to learn a few latest concepts in SMM (Social Media Marketing), which helped me to work on the website completely and helped me and consultancy to rank on the Top. Finally decided to write a blog on a few categories on which I am strong and this made me to become a blogger.

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