Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021
best 10 step AdSense Approval checklist

Follow these AdSense Approval checklist for Easy approvals

I am posting this 10 step AdSense Approval checklist, as a few of my subscribers requested for the, hopefully this post will be helping them to get an approval for AdSense account with reference to their blog.
Following are the a few steps to be followed to get your AdSense approved easily

AdSense Approval checklist

1.Never post the content which is copied.

  • Create the content on your own which is original and unique.
  • Never try to use the images are music which is copywrite.
  • Check with Grammar and follow word framing with meaningful and right context.
  • Write the sentences which are meaningful and present it in the way that can be easily understand by the readers.

2. Select the Theme which is Responsive.

  • Always select the theme which is beautiful, stylish and responsive.
  • The theme of the blog should be so selected in the way which have the option to display the ads (Header space, Footer space and Side bar).
  • Never use the other Ad Services other than AdSense get approved.
  • Google Identifies the other Ad Service providers and they easily reject your application.
  • Choose the color combination of the theme which can easily attract the reader’s attention.
  • Design the Navigation menu clear and easily accessible URLs

3. Follow clear & Easy Content Structure

  • Follow the content structure with a few of H1, H2 and H3 tags that make readers the best reading experience.
  • Write the content with the words between 1000 to 1200.
  • A balanced content & exact concept of the article without confusing the blog readers.
  • Mostly concentrate that readers get full information & get the information which they are searching for..
  • The content or these types of articles, which follow the rules of “blog content structure” will help your blog to rank on google (SERP- Search Engine Result Page)

4. Make Sure You have following pages in your Blogs

  • Privacy Policy Page
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page &
  • Disclaimer

These pages will prove that you are an genuine blogger and you maintain legitimacy.

5. Make Sure Your Blog is

  • Up & Running
  • Its older than 30 to 60 Days
  • Its fully ready with categories and navigation menus customized
  • Check it doesn’t have any redirects
  • Its been submitted with Sitemaps for GSC (Google Search Console) & Bing
  • Google Analytics configured
  • It has at least 20 posts on whole and 2 per category with words not less than 1200 words.
  • All google supported scripts are maintained in blog
  • It doesn’t have any content which has copyright protected images/videos/music.

6. Secured Hosting Providers/Plans.

  • Strictly no free hosting websites/blogs (They think You are not genuine & beginner for blogging).
  • Only 0.1% of approval chances for Free hosted websites.
  • They doubt your privacy/security

7. Maintain Website/Blog which represent your identity (Brand).

  • Create a Name(Brand)
  • Create a Logo with site title and Tagline
  • Selection of Theme, Templates & plugins

8. Blog with Organic SEO.

SEO is nothing but it is an abbreviation form of Search Engine Optimization.

Follow SEO rules across the blog

  • Check that your blog maintains organic SEO rather than promoting it through paid ads.
  • Try for high-ranking organic keywords through keyword research tools before writing an article.
  • Try using Yoast SEO / Rank Math Plugins for better performance
  • Check Images are also optimized
  • Blog meets the speed test

9.Make Sure your blog has Social Presence.

  • Create accounts/profiles on all social media platforms.
  • Try posting regularly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube.
  • Join Social Groups, Communities & Forums of your related blog Niche.

10.Purchase Your Own Domain Name

Though a free available blogging platform are available like

  • Blogger
  • BlogSpot
  • Wix

I suggest you purchase a domain with .com or .In preferably as the domains which is registered on own have the high chances of getting AdSense approved easily. GoDaddy is the best platform for getting your own domain name.

Hopefully this AdSense Approval checklist will help you to get  AdSense approved easily and also will make you understand what has to be focused prior to your AdSense Approval.

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