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A home loan is that the loan taken from any institution for getting a house. inside this text, we have a tendency to have gotten to see out totally different / completely different} topics related to different bank’s housing Loan choices & procedures for applying for a home equity credit.

Since the value of the property goes on increasing, owning a house is a extremely sensible plan each from AN owner’s purpose of view as in addition as from AN investor’s purpose of read. Banks presents a convenient method to satisfy your dreams of owning a house with a housing loan.

Usually, the house loan is also a giant quantity taken for AN extended amount upon that interest is levied. a vital analysis tool just like the housing loan EMI calculator is there to help you to guage and arrange your budget beforehand.

The housing loan rate of interest starts from half-dozen.90%, that is one in all the best rates out there inside the money market. The rates vary relying upon sure criteria, like occupation, income, nature of the loan, etc.

Important options of the Housing Loan

• Home Loans area unit out there for each salaried and freelance.
• Special rates for feminine customers.
• Home Loans granted to individuals between eighteen to seventy years.
• Security: usually Mortgage of property you’re attending to purchase, renovate, or construct.
• Loan to price magnitude relation is ninetieth.
• The tenure of the loan is between five to thirty years.
• Interest rates vary from eight.50% to 8.70%.
• EMI of Rs. 769 per hundred thousand.


So, area unit you prepared for getting a house?

If your answer is affirmative, you would possibly be having plenty of queries in your mind like:

• Where can I prepare the money from?
• Am I eligible for the loan?
• How abundant deposit do I even need to do?
• How abundant EMI can i would like to pay each month?
• How am I ready to compare the EMI of varied banks on my own?
• Where can I prepare the deposit quantity and EMI quantity from?

Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

To become eligible for a home equity credit the eligibility commonplace should be matched. That becomes a vital deciding issue for your loan quantity. Instances like:

• Salaried, Self- used skilled or a bourgeois
• Income
• Age
• Qualifications
• Number of dependents
• Co-Applicants financial gain
• Assets, Liabilities, Stability, and Continuity of Occupation of the recipient
• Savings History

Further, the loan eligibility conjointly are hooked into the value of property designated by you.
The deciding issue of the loan quantity which may be granted to you’ll be the shut assessment of the value of the property, the capability to repay the loan quantity, and much of others to figure out the potential borrowers. So, AN eligibility calculator is commonly used for applying for a home equity credit.

Some of the key eligibility factors area unit listed below:

Interest Rate 6.90 % – 7.35%
Age 18 – seventy years
Minimum Income Rs. 25,000
Job Stability just in case of Salaried (in years) 2 years
Minimum Credit Score 650 and higher than
Loan Amount Rs. fifteen hundred thousand to Rs. 10 Cr
Loan to price Ratio Up to eightieth
FOIR (Fixed Obligations to financial gain Ratio) Up to zero.65

Penalties/Other Charges

In addition to the mentioned interest rates, housing loan needed conjointly carries the process fee, pre-closure charges, actual charges towards valuation fee, and advocate’s fee for property search, title investigation report, stamp tax, and alternative charges that area unit applicable.
Pre-closure Charges – sooner, the higher. thus if you’d wish to repay your entire loan quantity before the closure amount, you wish to pay the legal proceeding charges. however with few banks, you’ll fancy the advantage of nothing payment charges. that suggests NO further CHARGES!

Processing Fee – 

Bank charges a process fee of zero.25% of the loan quantity, minimum Rs. 1000/-, up to Rs. 25 lakhs, Rs. 6500 for AN quantity higher than Rs. twenty five lakhs to Rs. seventy five lakhs and most of Rs. 10,000 for the number larger than Rs. 75 lakhs.
Other Charges – to boot to the preceding charges, the bank conjointly mentions technical and legal charges, that area unit explained to the client throughout the loan method.

Process of applying for a home loan

loan process

Banks provide a powerful network in providing housing loans to individuals across the country. they have special branches to cater to the loan necessities of consumers.
For Salaried worker

Filled-up application type
2 Passport size pictures
ITR of the last a pair of years
Identity Proof – Passport/ Driving License/ citizen ID/ PAN
Residential Address Proof – Lease and License/ Registered Rent Agreement/ Utility Bill (up to three months old), and Passport
Income Documents – half-dozen months’ payslips, a pair of years’ type 16s, a financial statement showing pay credit from half-dozen months past, and EMI debits if any


For freelance

Filled-up application type
2 Passport size pictures
Identity Proof – Passport/ Driving License/ citizen ID/PAN
Residential Address Proof – Lease and License/ Registered Rent Agreement/ Utility Bill (up to three months old), and Passport


Tax Benefits:

The tax laws in Asian nation give sure advantages for taxpayers UN agency avail of housing loan. Such taxpayers area unit eligible for a deduction of the interest paid on such house property to the extent of Rs a pair of lakhs simply just in case of a self-occupied house in that explicit Assessment Year (AY) whereas they’re going to claim the complete interest paid throughout the AY as a deduction with none limit if they have given the property on rent.
Further, the principal element of such loan reimbursement is commonly claimed as a deduction from the complete financial gain underneath Section 80C, up to a most of Rs one.5 lakhs.

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