Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021
digital marketing

Why “My Wall Post” & how I became a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Claiming I as a digital marketing consultant would be rather an extra thing to boast about myself, hence took a chance of experimenting things on my own website/ blog, hence I can convince friends & clients and show proof about the achievement by applying & implementing digital marketing concepts with SEO Strategies. To prove myself as the best digital marketing consultant in Hyderabad started my own blog “my wall post” and also freelance a few startup projects as a digital marketing consultant & SEO consultant. 

My Career in Digital Marketing as a Blogger & Digital Marketer!

I was a computer-savvy since my teenage, A lot of research online regarding digital marketing concepts and strategies helped me to choose digital marketing as my career, of course, YouTube is my guru to teach me the best in digital marketing, Many digital marketing consultants like Neil Patel, Amit Agarwal & Ravi Kiran (A Telugu blogger & Digital Marketer) Videos influenced me to choose online marketing & blogging as my career as well.



Online Marketing Concepts, I work upon!

Though I am familiar with all online marketing concepts, but not work on all the concepts confidently, rather say that I am still a beginner in Online Marketing, hence I created my blog “My Wall Post”. I work and implement all strategies practically on this website.

A few concepts which I practiced & worked on are

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Hosting
  • Website Customization through CMS
  • Social Platforms for Organic promotion
  • Face book Paid Ad promotion
  • Creation and managing Business Pages on Social Platforms
  • Google ranking strategies
  • Google Analytics
  • Organic SEO & Paiddigital marketing concepts promotion for startup’s
  • On-page SEO Concepts
  • Off-page SEO Concepts
  • Link building Strategies
  • Google Ad words
  • Google Ad-sense
  • YouTube Channel creation & managing the YouTube channels
  • Ad designing concepts Images & Videos.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • e-Commerce Website
  • Drop shipping Concepts

Do have knowledge of other concepts but as said earlier all concepts need practical experience and digital marketing is always an ongoing process. 

What is My Wall Post blog is about?

My wall Post will be publishing posts on different categories like Digital Marketing, SEO, Marketing, Education, Training, Travel, Food, Technology,  Viral News, Life Events , Birthday Wishes ,Special Events and so on……